Know Your Roasts

Knowing which coffee blend best suits your palate can be a difficult designation. With so many brews, blends and roasts currently available, and arguably more developing in the future, the simple task of ordering a coffee can quickly become overwhelming. I thought I would create a post addressing the different types of roasts in hopes of providing some clarification regarding what each coffee roast consists of, and this information comes from

Light Roasts

Light roasts are typically lighter in colour and have a more mild taste because the beans are not roasted as long as darker or heavier roasts. Some examples of lighter roast blends include Light City, Half City, and Cinnamon.

Medium Roasts

Medium roasts are slightly darker in colour than lighter roasts and have a stronger body of flavour. Medium roasts are commonly referred to as American roasts because this blend is the most popular in the US. Some examples of medium roast blends include City, American and Breakfast.

Medium Dark Roasts

Slightly darker and stronger than a traditional medium roast, this blend has a slightly bitter aftertaste. A common example of a medium dark roast blend is Full City.

Dark Roasts

The strongest and darkest in colour out of all roasts, this blend has a distinct bitterness, dark colour and oily surface due to the long period of time in which its beans are roasted. The examples of dark roast blends include High, Continental, New Orleans, European, Espresso, Viennese, Italian, and French.

I personally prefer medium, medium dark and dark roasts, but quite honestly, I will happily sip any type of roast. I also thoroughly enjoy cold brew, and I am more than willing to experiment with new roasts and blends. Coffee is not something I will say no to.

What’s your favourite coffee roast or blend? Let a gal know!

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