Slowheart by Kip Moore

I am a huge fan of Kip Moore and his music, and after recently downloading his newest album, Slowheart, I am completely obsessed. I have never been so satisfied with an entire album and each and every song, and I am actually going to see Kip Moore on March 31 in London, ON.

Slowheart was released on September 8, 2017, and is Moore’s third album. It contains 13 songs, such songs as follows:

  1. Plead the Fifth
  2. Just Another Girl
  3. I’ve Been Around
  4. Fast Women
  5. Bittersweet Company
  6. Sunburn
  7. More Girls Like You
  8. The Bull
  9. Blonde
  10. Good Thing
  11. Last Shot
  12. Try Again
  13. Guitar Man

My favourite songs on this album are Bittersweet Company, Guitar Man, Good Thing, Sunburn, and Just Another Girl. The reason I am such a tremendous fan of Kip Moore is that his music is a fantastic combination of old school country and rock and roll. He has a rugged, raspy voice, which I personally find incredibly sexy, and his music is never boring.

Kip Moore is my favourite country musician, but he is not as popular as other country musicians, for example, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. I really do not understand why this is, but Kip Moore, in my opinion, exceeds the musical talent of most male country musicians.

I am ecstatic to see him live in concert at the end of March, and if anyone else is a fan of him, tickets for his London show were only $50. I personally sincerely appreciate the affordable cost of his tickets, and I think this demonstrates that his passion for music and his fans are greater than that of the profit he generates from his shows.

Opening for Moore on March 31st in London is Drake White, another musician I appreciate, and I will certainly be blogging about my concert experience. Stay tuned!


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