Are Orthotics Worth It?

I am finally coming to the end of having to wear a cast/boot on my foot due to the surgery I had back in December, but my surgeon has informed me that the removal of the support boot I am currently wearing requires orthotics for long-term support. I have heard mixed opinions regarding orthotics, so I wanted to do some research prior to being fit for a pair of my own.

Orthotics are custom foot supports, intended to mold to the feet and su[port the, more effectively than over-the-counter arch supports. They aim to balance out any disproportionate balance in the feet and legs.

Orthotics may be recommended to anyone who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Diabetes, Metatarsalgia, Patellofemoral knee pain, shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, or bunions. For me, orthotics will aid in supporting the ligaments in my foot that I had surgically prepared in hopes of preventing further injury in the future.

As for whether or not they’re worth it, states the following:

“You must have a diagnosable biomechanical problem, probably something really glaringly obvious, because anything more subtle and you’ll probably get different diagnoses from different professionals.”

“The diagnosed problem must be relevant to your injury. This usually has to be a shot in the dark, because most RSIs are not clearly associated with any known biomechanical problem.”

“The problem must then be correctable at least in principle. Quite a few problems simply cannot be fixed by orthotics. It depends on the problem.”

“Assuming all of the above work out, you will still need to get the correct prescription, properly made.” explains how many people are informed they need orthotics when they aren’t really necessary, and further how many people believe having their feet scanned by a machine in a Walgreens is an adequate means to have a pair of custom orthotics. The article recommends visiting a certified Pedorthist or a certified Orthotist to have custom orthotics created to ensure they’re composed correctly.


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