The 2018 Brock University Teacher Candidates Gala

This past Saturday my roommates and I attended the 2018 Brock University teacher candidate gala. My roommates are all in the Concurrent Education program at Brock University, and this event was a celebration for all of the students enrolled in the program, but they invited me to join them and tag along.

It was a really fun evening, and because it was a formal event, it provided an opportunity to get glammed up. I find dressing up to be quite enjoyable since I do not do so very often, and everyone at the event looked absolutely stunning, specifically my friends.

The evening consisted of opening remarks, a raffle prize draw, dinner, and dancing. It took place at Club Roma, which is an incredibly beautiful venue, and my friends and I were actually the last remaining folks on the dance floor. The evening concluded at 1 a.m., and we stayed until shortly before closing.

I was slightly hesitant of attending the event initially because aside from my roommates, I feared I would not know many people in attendance. I was surprised, however, when I arrived and recognized many people from my classes at Brock University. It was great seeing old classmates once again, and rekindling with them and learning about their current endeavors was wonderful.

Considering I do not normally dance, I surprised myself with how much I danced at the event. This was the first time my roommates and I had gone out together, and this occurrence provided tremendous entertainment and laughs. Two of my roommates were involved in the planning of the event, and I am proud to say they did a fantastic job with the meal, decor, music, and the venue. I was also able to enjoy the food because Club Roma accommodated me regarding my food intolerances, so that was an added bonus.

It was a really great evening.

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