Film Review: Verónica

A good friend of mine has a passion for horror films, similar to my own, and he recommended the film Verónica to me. I watched Verónica on Sunday evening, and it was an extremely well-executed horror film, hence why I am dedicating a post to it.

Verónica is a 2017 Spanish horror thriller movie directed by Paco Plaza. Sandra Escacena stars as Verónica, and the film depicts her as being the main caretaker for her three younger siblings as her mother works long hours at a local café. Due to her father’s recent passing, Verónica and her two friends, Irene and Rosa, decide to experiment with an Ouija board in hopes of contacting him. It is not Verónica’s father that is contacted, however, and it quickly becomes apparent that a malicious entity has attached itself to Verónica and has wicked intentions regarding her and her family.

I have seen many horror movies affiliated with ouija board possessions, but Verónica is not your typical possession story. It is based on the true story of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro, a young woman from Vallecas, South Madrid, who mysteriously died in 1990 after attempting to contact her deceased father via a ouija board. The human element behind this movie’s plot made it that much more terrifying.

Verónica is a genuinely scary movie. It allows for suspense to build throughout the entirety of the film, and although I wouldn’t say its the scariest horror movie I have seen, it’s definitely in my own personal top five. Sandra Escacena is brilliant as the film’s lead, as are her younger siblings, and not once did I find the film to be cheesy or unrealistic.

I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan or horror or thriller flicks. Be warned, however; there is one rather gory scene involving Verónica and her two sisters.

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