Do yourself a favour and don’t watch Mark of the Devil

When I watched the trailer for Mark of the Devil via Netflix the other night, I was pretty intrigued. This film appeared to have a lot of elements I tend to appreciate in the horror film realm, and the concept seemed terrifying, so naturally, I tuned in to watch it.

I sincerely wish I hadn’t.

Mark of the Devil depicts the story of “Karl, a man who suffers a demonic possession, together with Tomás, a priest with addiction problems” as they “embark on a hunt for demons, finding the case of Camila, a girl who attacks her family while controlled by a demon. Karl and Tomás try to save her by starting a battle; Karl has faced many beings from beyond but never one like this,” states the movie’s synopsis via IMDB.

I suppose if I had read the plot summary prior to watching this movie, I likely would have refrained from viewing it altogether.

The concept of this movie’s plot is decent, but the delivery is absolutely terrible. As the summation from IMDB says, Karl’s character has dealt with demonic possession all his life, except the movie doesn’t ever truly clarify how this possession came to be, nor does it reveal what demon is possessing him.

The acting in this movie is good, except for the fact that the dialogue throughout the film is Spanish and the voice overs are horrendous – probably the worst I’ve ever encountered.

The film’s ending doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and a lot of questions I had while watching it went unanswered. The scenes sort of seem to be roughly pieced together without any correlation, and while a few scenes were intense, the way they are depicted doesn’t do any justice to what is actually happening within the plot.

I do not recommend watching this movie whatsoever. If you’re into Mexican thrillers, though, check out Veronica, as it is a very well done horror movie.

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