How to maintain productivity during a pandemic: part two

In addition to trying our best to establish and abide by a routine in an attempt to keep our productivity up, another strategy we can practice that may help is trying to normalize our suddenly new routines. It is highly unlikely that any of us are still following our routines that existed prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, but in all honesty, these sorts of changes are absolutely normal and okay.

Say, for example, that before this pandemic took the world by storm, you would wake up around 7 am each day to get ready for work, or school, or whatever it is that you were doing in your life. If you’ve been laid off, or are in self-isolation or quarantine, it’s difficult to identify why we would still be getting up at 7 am if we have no structure to the oncoming day.

While this is true, it could also cause us to become disassociated with our routine.

I’m not suggesting that you should still be getting up at 7 am and getting ready for work if you’ve been laid off, because that is rather illogical. I am suggesting, though, to try and wake up within a rough time frame of when you were before this outbreak occurred to keep our bodies and minds on track with what we affiliate with normalcy. Try waking up around 7:30 or 8 am instead, because while it may not be on par with what we perceived to be as normal a few weeks ago, it’s a great way to maintain a routine and a schedule in such uncertain times.

If you were hitting the gym three days a week before the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, do an at-home workout three days a week instead. If you made dinner around 5:30 pm every evening, stick with that schedule.

Do you see what I’m getting at? Normalcy is one of our biggest weapons in the fight against the coronavirus, and while our new normalcy may not reflect what it once was, it’s better than none at all.

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