How to maintain productivity during a pandemic: part one

COVID-19 has made its presence quite known on a global spectrum. I’ll admit that when the coronavirus first broke out in China, I didn’t give it too much thought because I was ignorant of its severity. Seeing the destruction and ripple effects this virus has caused across the world has allowed me to change my perception of it, though, and it’s obvious that this virus is no joke.

As we are all aware, many of us have been laid off, or worse, have lost our jobs as a result of this outbreak. I was laid off about a week ago, and while it is an unfortunate happening, I am extremely fortunate in the sense that I am able to keep busy and work every day on my family’s farm. I realize, however, that I am an exception in this regard, and while I have been able to maintain productivity, a lot of us are struggling to do so because we are confined to our houses.

While I’m no productivity guru, I did some thinking and thought I would offer my own advice to you in terms of how to go about staying productive in such a melancholy time.

Something I consider to be of utmost importance in regards to keeping up our productivity is trying our best to establish a daily routine. It is far too easy to allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by what is beyond our control and spend most of our day snoozing or watching Netflix, but this is a detrimental decision when it comes to keeping busy. It won’t be easy, but starting each day with an outline of what you would like to accomplish is a great way to stay on track with routines. Make a list of potential things you can do to stimulate feelings of productiveness, and you will be amazed at just how effective this strategy can be.

Check back tomorrow for some more ways to stay productive during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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