Paying it forward through traffic pullovers

I’m willing to bet that you read the title of the post and whispered something along the lines of “what in the actual hell” to yourself. And, quite honestly, I can’t say I blame you – it isn’t exactly a phrase you see on the daily.

I was reading an article from The Good Network, and the act of kindness that occurred between a Minnesota woman and a state trooper during a traffic pullover because of her speeding is absolutely worth reading.

“When a Minnesota state trooper pulled over Dr. Sarosh Ashraf Janjua for driving above the speed limit in her car last week, she assumed she was going to be ticketed for the offense.

“Upon handing the policeman her Massachusetts driver’s license, Janjua explained how she flies out to Minnesota from Boston once a month in order to do cardiology work at the local hospitals.

“’He went back to his patrol car to look up my license, and when he returned, quite firmly told me it was very irresponsible of me to be speeding, especially since I would not only take up resources if I got into an accident, but would also not be in a position to help patients,’ 37-year-old Janjua later recounted on Facebook,” the article states.

Janjua was rather taken aback when the trooper, Brian J. Schwartz, returned to her car, though.

“Feeling thoroughly chastised, I waited for him to write me a ticket. Instead, he told me he was going to let me off with a warning. As I sputtered to apologize and say thank you, he reached in to hand me what I assumed was my license back … To her surprise, the officer handed her five new N95 masks from his own personal state-supplied stash,” the article explains.

This sort of pay-it-forward mentality, even in the context of failing to abide by the rules of the road, is the sort of positivity I think all of us could benefit from right now. It’s never been more important to help each other in any way possible, just as Mr. Schwartz did.

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