Staying positive thanks to Morgan Harper Nichols

I was chatting with a good friend of mine recently about ways to keep our spirits up in such an unsettling time. Both she and I are a fan of Morgan Harper Nichols as we both follow her on Instagram, and we were talking about how so many of her posts as of late have been tremendously relatable and consoling in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted all of us in one way or another.

I’ve shared some of Morgan’s content here on my blog before, and I would like to do once again in hopes of spreading some poetic hope with anyone who may be struggling to make sense of the world right now.

“So much has changed, and some things will never be the same. Be gentle with yourself. A lot of things are happening at once. You are free to let go and trust. You are worthy of restful moments before it all makes sense. And even when you don’t have answers, there is still boundless grace. Grace: unmerited favour to take this day by day, knowing your growth still matters even in the wild of change.”

“You will grow how you were meant to. One morning you will wake up and realize that even though so many things aren’t the same anymore, there is still more in store. Because knowing ‘there is more in store’ doesn’t mean believing that everything will be easy, it means trusting that even the longest, hardest endings lead to brand new mornings. In this life you will have moments that leave you speechless. You will look to the one you love and wonder, how on earth did you get to live this life. You will also have nights that leave you restless where you are left to ask, what will it look like to survive. And you will also have a billion moments in between. You will weave in and out of beginnings and endings and somehow, through it all, you will end up growing in the way you were meant to. You will be tender and you will be strong and you will be glad you lived to see beautiful things flourish, even though they took so long. You will heal along the journey. You will find: you were always learning. Strength was rising up within you. You bloomed how you were meant to.”

I hope someone can use Morgan’s words as a means to persevere and continue on in such uncertain times.

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