Are Your Nightmares Trying to Tell You Something?

Several nights ago, I had a dream about something I fear may come true in the future. I am not going to disclose the specifications of this scenario, but the dream was pretty darn scary, and when I woke up, it took several minutes for me to calm myself down and realize this situation did not actually happen.

The events in this dream have been lingering on the back of my mind since it occurred, so I figured I would do some research about common fears that present themselves in dreams and their meaning.

Wild Animals: If you find yourself dreaming about dangerous and threatening animals, it is possible that their presence in your dreams is an indication of something you find to be threatening in reality. Rather than presenting themselves in your dream in their actual form, they can take on the identity of something naturally dangerous or intimidating, for example, a lion or an alligator.

Violent People: If you dream about being robbed or mugged, chances are the person harming you in your dream is a representation of something you fear in reality. This fear may be of a person, a scenario, or an event you’re anticipating.

Natural Disasters: If you dream of natural disasters, for example, tornadoes, earthquakes, violent storms or tsunamis, chances are they’re symbolic of something that is either consciously, or unconsciously, overwhelming you.


Granted, these interpretations are from one source, but if you’re curious as to what your nightmares could be indicating, there are many resources available online. Conducting a Google search regarding what dreams mean will provide you with plenty of results, and most sources offer similar analysis. Environmental factors could also be influencing what you’re dreaming about, so try and think of what could be influencing your dreams and go from there.
Photo credit: AngelReyes93 on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

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