Why Someone Else’s Weight Is None of Your Business

A couple of days ago I had a heart-to-heart conversation with someone close to me about the amount of judgment that exists in contemporary society regarding plus-size individuals. The stigma surrounding overweight people has always bothered me, but the conversation I had with someone I love who happens to be a victim to this stigma prompted me to acknowledge my anger towards this judgment on a far more profound level.

Why is it that we as a society deem it appropriate to judge someone based on their size? The amount of sheer entitlement that exists in order for some people to truly believe their opinion of someone else’s size is relevant is despicable, and I for one will not tolerate this level of malevolence. There are different people in my life who happen to be overweight, and they’re some of the most important people I know. Who gives a damn what they weigh? Does a number on the scale truly dictate someone’s self-worth? I strongly feel as though harassment and hate towards overweight people, whether they’re working to be healthier or not, is a level of bullying that needs to be terminated from the way in which society conducts itself.

It’s positively disgusting that we have been conditioned to look down upon people who are larger in size rather than seeing them for the people they truly are. Why do we not judge other people to the same extent we do overweight people? Why do we judge people at all? I realize these are questions that may never earn answers, but I believe they’re worth asking.

A person’s worth is not something that has any affiliation with their body weight, whether they be over or under-weight. It’s no one’s place to make known their shallow and vein perspectives, and it’s definitely no one’s place to put someone down because they look a certain way.

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