Animal activists are causing bodily harm attempting “outreach” to truckers

Before I delve into this topic, I want to state that the purpose of this post is not to insult or criticize anyone’s personal opinions or views towards the consumption of meat. I eat meat personally, but I respect those who don’t. I feel it is important to make mention of this before I begin.

That being said, I have an issue when opinions and preferences can put the safety of others (humans and animals) at stake.

A blog post by Hannah Thompson-Weeman earned my attention when I read the headline “Animal rights activists attempting “outreach” to truck drivers.”

In the post, Thompson-Weeman discusses recent incidents of animal activists attempting to stop trucks at meat processing plants to hold vigils for them. These activists typically do this early in the morning, surrounding a truck containing livestock as well as the driver. The Animal Agriculture Alliance is taking it upon themselves to inform meat companies about these incidents to protect the safety of their businesses, drivers, animals and the activists.

Activists in a group called “Animal Save” in California are now claiming that during one of these vigils, a member was hit by the truck as they walked in front of it. You can view the video here, and it’s pretty apparent that this person was not injured whatsoever.

“Animal Save” is associated with “The Save Movement” which aims to “bear witness” to livestock headed to slaughterhouses and also interfere with truckers carrying livestock by petting animals in the trailers and giving them food and water.

Thompson-Weeman’s post states that the group hopes to perform outreach and connect with truck drivers to educate them “about their mission” and develop a relationship with them.

Personally, I really can’t see this happening.

Thompson-Weeman advises that meat companies should get in touch with their drivers and all staff to educate them about reacting and interacting with these activists.

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