The Canadian Outdoor Farm Show

I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s Canadian Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) for my job. I had never been to the show prior to this year as it occurs during the busy season on our own farm, but after hearing about it for years, I was looking forward to seeing what it’s all about for myself.

I attended to show Wednesday and Thursday. Pulling in on Wednesday morning, I quickly came to the realization that this show is far bigger than I realized. Booths upon booths lined up throughout the area, food vendors and live demonstrations; it was a lot to take in, but in a good way.

One of the greatest things about these sorts of shows is the people in attendance. Members of the ag community are unique in the sense that despite being unfamiliar with one another, kindness and genuine interest are palpable. Everyone is there for different reasons, but also for the same reason; to support Canadian agriculture and the members of the industry. I had genuine conversations with complete strangers several times in my interactions with them, and these sorts of conversations don’t necessarily happen just anywhere. The ag community is one of the kindest, most passionate and hard working ones around, and to be a part of this community is a tremendous blessing for me, personally.

If you are involved with agriculture or perhaps are interested in it, I highly recommend checking out the COFS. It’s something worth seeing, and it is hard to understand what it entails until you’ve seen it for yourself. It is an annual event and it takes place in Woodstock, Ontario, so if you’re relatively within the vicinity, take a day or two and check it out. People come from across Canada and the states and I’m sure they could attest to its greatness.

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