Genuine Friendships

A couple of nights ago, I spoke on the phone with a good friend of mine from high school. I haven’t seen or spoken to her for quite some time because we’re both busy, so we agreed a phone call was needed.

We chatted for just about an hour on the phone about all sorts of things. What’s new in our lives, relationships, school, travel and work; it was an incredibly enriching conversation. Simply hearing her voice after going to long without seeing her was awesome, and she agreed. She just got back from walking the Camino Trail, and listening to her explain the ways in which this trip changed her life and perspectives towards certain things made me realize just how great our friendship is and will continue to be  for years to come. She’s quite the gal.

This friend of mine is what I would refer to as a truly genuine friend, and therefore a genuine friendship. We always say it to one another, and it’s so true; no matter how long we go without seeing or chatting, nothing changes. It’s like we saw each other the day before, and friendships to this degree are so rare to come across these days.

I’ve had falling-outs with friends, and as unpleasant as they are, sometimes they’re simply necessary. You grow apart, things change and life goes on. But if you have a friend in your life whom you share a relationship with like I do this amazing girl, cherish that shit forever. Seriously. Never take each other for granted, and make an effort to stay in touch, no matter how far apart you may get. It’s so important to appreciate these types of relationships, and chances are you won’t come across another friendship that’s similar for a long time.

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