Here’s why trusting your gut is so important

I have always held tremendous faith in the saying ‘trust your gut.’

I’m sure there are other variations of this particular saying, but the just of it remains the same.

Growing up, my dad was one to always stress the importance of listening to my gut when facing a difficult decision. Hearing his faith in it is eventually what led to my own faith in this belief, and I am grateful that he taught me something so wise.

Trusting your gut is almost always the best way to approach a decision, regardless of the scenario. There may be the odd time in which what your gut is telling you to do is incorrect, but from my own experience, this is a rare occurrence.

As someone who struggles with anxiety on a daily basis, this piece of advice from my dad has helped me overcome a lot of adversity. Anxiety can cause a person to doubt themselves to a severe extent, regardless of whether they know what is right, and it can be difficult to make a decision when your conscience is obscured with pessimistic thoughts. Hence why it is so important to listen to your gut, because even in the most challenging situations, it can make itself heard over all of the other oppressive and malevolent thoughts that may be occurring in someone’s mind.

If I’m ever conversing with someone who is struggling to make a decision, I ask them to, without thinking, tell me what they think is the right decision in their particular situation. Whatever their gut tells them is typically what they answer with, and I advise them to listen to that instinct.

Trusting and listening to your gut may be one of the most powerful things a person can do when facing an obstacle. It certainly has been for me.

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