Healthy eating hacks

Making an effort to abide by a healthier diet can be a rather challenging feat to overcome, especially if you haven’t made any major changes to your diet as of late.

Chances are that as good as your intentions are, after a strong start, you find yourself reverting back to old habits, and soon, pizza pockets take the place of kale and kombucha in your refrigerator.

I’m here to tell you that healthy, or healthier eating doesn’t have to be a life-altering process. In fact, it can be done pretty easily, so long as you’re well-equipped with some hacks for ensuring you’re well on your way to wherever you wish to be with your diet.

I tend to eat a relatively healthy diet. At least, I like to think I do. Not being able to eat gluten, dairy or egg plays a huge role in my diet, as one can imagine, but these intolerances have opened my eyes to new and innovative healthy recipes that I likely wouldn’t have thought to consider before.

As someone who has dabbled with dieting, I can tell you that, in my own opinion, diets rarely work. So, rather than giving up everything that brings you joy in life, try making a few small changes here and there to prevent you from getting completely and utterly overwhelmed with your dietary changes.

Swap your afternoon vending machine snack for a piece of fresh fruit, or some veggies and dip. If you work in an office, keep a water bottle handy to avoid drinking pop and sugary drinks in excess. Keep granola bars and dried fruits in your bag and/or car for a healthy snack to reach for when your hanger makes an appearance. Devote half of your dinner plate to veggies, one quarter to carbs and starches, and the remaining quarter with protein, with a source of healthy fats as well. If you feel hungry, take a drink of water before eating as you may just be dehydrated. Check out healthy recipes via Pinterest.

There are many hacks one can invest in to improve their eating habits for the better, and healthy eating doesn’t have to kill your happiness in the process.

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