Are 23andMe kits worth the money?

23andMe kits have been around for a while now, and for Christmas, I got my mom and dad each their own kit to send off in hopes of learning a little more about their ancestry and health histories. Prior to purchasing the kits, I wasn’t all too familiar with how exactly the DNA extraction process works, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect once my parents shipped their tubes of saliva off in the mail to be tested.

I purchased their kits from Amazon, however, you can purchase them from the 23andMe website as well. They arrived in the mail pretty quickly, and my parents completed the necessary steps and mailed them back to the database.

There was a slight hiccup, though. Both my mom and dad’s kits were rejected because something went wrong with their saliva samples, so after receiving new, free kits from the company, they tried again.

The delay in receiving the results was a bit annoying for my parents, but the company itself was prompt to reach out and send replacement kits before too long, which was appreciated.

My dad’s results came in before my mom’s, and my family and I were pretty impressed with the provided results. With the Health + Ancestry kits, participants receive several reports detailing their DNA traits, health conditions they may be disposed to, what percentage of each ethnicity their DNA is, and a whole lot more. About 150+ reports more, to be exact.

The kits definitely aren’t cheap. The Health + Ancestry kit costs roughly $250 dollars, but if you wait until Christmastime to get them like I did, you may be able to save a few bucks (I got my parents’ kits for about $150).

While these kits are costly, they’re definitely an interesting concept, and they make for a great gift. You or someone you know may end up finding out things about themselves they may not have known otherwise.

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