Thinking about getting a massage? Read this first

I have wanted to get a massage for quite some time now, however, I couldn’t quite justify the cost of getting one done. So, when my sister generously gifted me with a one-hour massage at Grand Wellness in Brantford for Christmas, I was pretty stoked.

I finally got around to booking myself to go for this massage earlier this week, and I was pleasantly surprised with the services offered at Grand Wellness. The atmosphere in the facility is quite soothing and calming, which is likely appreciated by those who may be a little nervous for their first-ever massage. My appointment was at 6pm, and after filling out a personal health form, I was welcomed into a room by my masseuse, Claire, who friggen rocked (seriously, if you ever go to Grand Wellness, try to get into see this gal. She’s awesome).

Claire asked me if there were any specific regions of my body giving me trouble, and I explained to her how I tend to hold tension in my neck and upper body. She spent a majority of the hour duration working on my shoulders, neck, and upper back, and she informed me when she was finished that I was quite tight in those areas.

I was a little sore after the massage, and even more so the next day. I believe this is quite normal, but just a word of warning if you’re thinking about booking your own first massage. I also went when I had a cold, so that may have something to do with it. Either way, no pain, no gain, right?

Soreness aside, I would absolutely get another massage, and I would visit Grand Wellness again without a doubt. Ther offer a variety of different services, too, so be sure to check out their website, which I linked above.

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