Staying in shape on a budget

For some of us, staying in shape takes top priority.

For others, perhaps staying in shape is a little lower on the priority list.

Regardless of how strongly you prioritize overall wellbeing, I’m here to offer you some good news: staying in shape doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and almost anyone can retain their figure from the comfort of their own home.

Don’t believe me? As it turns out, I can personally attest to this claim. I haven’t been to a gym in probably five years or more, and I still manage to exercise every day from my own home, without using any equipment.

An obvious disclaimer: if you’re an elite or competitive athlete, at-home workouts without equipment likely won’t cut it. But, if you’re an average Joe like myself, and like to work out moderately daily or several times a week, fitness can be easily achieved from your living room.

Each day I do a series of muscle strengthening exercises that target my legs/glutes, my abs/core, and my back/arms. By the time I’m finished, my routine takes about 25 minutes, and it’s one that almost anyone can do (if you would like me to share my updated workout routine with you, let me know!). I manage to successfully and effectively complete my exercises without using any equipment, but a pair of free weights aren’t too expensive to purchase, anyways.

I also like to get 10,000 steps in per day with the help of my Fitbit. Walking is a great way to get some exercise without being too strenuous, and there are ways to fit in more steps, too, with a few simple adjustments. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk into Tim Hortons rather than using the drive-through. Park far away from the grocery store and walk across the parking lot. Small changes really can make a tremendous difference.

Working out from your home is effective, cost-saving, and efficient when done properly. And gyms are great, too, if that’s more your style. Whatever your preference, try to remind yourself that staying in shape doesn’t have to break the bank.

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