Here’s how to turn someone’s day around

Everyone has bad days every now and again. It’s relatively inevitable. Things don’t go as planned, stress rises, and soon, it seems as though the universe is working against us.

Although bad days are somewhat unavoidable, there are ways to turn someone’s day around who really needs a break. I thought I would compile a list of suggestions that serve as ways to comfort someone who is having a shit day in hopes of spreading some positivity to the ones we love.

  • Cook for them: cooking is an excellent way to show people we love them, and often times, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Try and figure out what the particular person would really appreciate in terms of food and serve them something they will savour.
  • Offer them assistance: whether it be helping out with errands, chores, or work, simply offering help to someone can alleviate a significant amount of stress for them. Ask them what you can do to help and go from there.
  • Talk to them: sometimes all we really need is to chat with someone we love and trust, so try offering your ear to someone who could use a solid vent session.
  • Show them you care: if you know someone is having some difficulties, show them you care by popping over with something that shows you’re thinking about them. Maybe it’s a bouquet of fresh flowers; maybe it’s freshly baked cookies. Whatever you decide on, the gesture will speak volumes.
  • Be supportive: sometimes, simply hearing words of support and encouragement is all we need to continue forward. Remind the person that they’re doing a great job and keep their spirits raised.

Turning someone’s day around doesn’t have to be a massive effort. A few small gestures here and there is all you need to demonstrate your care for someone.

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