Let’s talk about bees

Bees are pretty incredible little guys when you stop to think about it. Their contributions to the environment and food production are remarkable, and with initiatives ever present to encourage us to save and conserve bees, I thought it would be interesting to do a little bit of research about our good friends.

Here are some facts about bees you may not be aware of, from Golden Green:

  • In order to produce a single pound of honey, bees gather nectar from two million flowers
  • To make one pound of honey, a bee must fly approximately 90,000 miles, which is comparable to three trips around planet Earth
  • On average, a bee produces 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey throughout its life
  • While collecting, a bee travels amongst 50-100 flowers
  • A honey bee can fly for six miles and can reach speeds of 15 mph during flight
  • A bee’s brain is the size of a sesame seed, but has the ability to learn and remember, and can further calculate the distance it has travelled
  • Bees dance to communicate with each other
  • A bee colony is made up of 20,000-60,000 honey bees, with one queen, who can live for up to five years
  • The queen is the only bee that lays eggs – in the summertime, she can lay up to 2500 eggs in a single day
  • Male honey bees do not have a stinger
  • The ways in which honey bees produce honey hasn’t changed for 150 million years
  • The honey bee is the sole insect that produces food we humans consume
  • Honey basically never expires
  • The buzzing sound bees make is the sound of their wings beating 11,400 times per minute

It’s rather apparent from the facts listed above that bees are pretty neat critters, and further, that their livelihoods are incredibly important to us and nature overall. Respect these guys, folks. They’re super important.

Photo on <a href=”https://visualhunt.com/re4/b58c4607″>VisualHunt.com</a&gt;

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