Product review: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Comfort Vanilla and Patchouli Moisturizing Body Cream

Finding a body cream you assume to be great, only to learn it isn’t, is frustrating. Perhaps it’s too oily and leaves a film on your skin after using it; maybe it isn’t the scent you bargained for; perhaps it’s promise to provide your skin with infinite moisture fell short.

When you spend money on a body cream, you do so in anticipation of it performing to your expectations, which is exactly what Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Comfort Vanilla and Patchouli Moisturizing Body Cream does.

I will state that if you’re not a fan of heavy fragrance in your body products, this cream likely isn’t the one for you. While the scent is natural in the sense it’s derived from the essential oils within the lotion, it is still strong, and it could irritate someone with a fragrance sensitivity. Personally, I love the smell, and it’s the perfect balance between the vanilla and the patchouli without one overpowering the other.

This lotion applies like a dream and absorbs into the skin within minutes of application. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave any oiliness behind, and it definitely give your skin a good drink. I apply it as soon as I get out of the shower, and addition to leaving my skin smelling like heaven, it leaves it feeling soft, supple, and well hydrated.

Bath & Body Works’ aromatherapy line comes in a wide variety of scents and product types, and I highly recommend looking into it. Their products are affordable and high quality, and I have yet to try one that’s left me disappointed, specifically within their aromatherapy line.

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, quality product that smells like heaven, this stuff is for you. I received mine as a gift (thank you, Kate!), and once it’s finished, I’ll definitely be purchasing more.

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