The importance of making a space your own

So often we hear about the significance of transforming a space that belongs to us into something that reflects who we are, or at least makes us happy. And, despite the perpetuation of this concept, I question how many of us actually practice this.

When I say ‘make a space your own,’ I’m referring to a room or a location that we spend a lot of time in. Perhaps it’s a bedroom or a living room; perhaps it’s a gym or an office. Regardless of what sort of space it is, the importance of making it into our own goes unwavering because it’s a space we spend a lot of our time in.

Think about it. I imagine, for most of us, our bedrooms are a space we’re able to express ourselves through in terms of content and decor. If it’s your bedroom, or your space, why would you make it into something that doesn’t make you happy?

Understandably, there are limitations that come with personalizing a space, depending on each unique situation. However, things such as mood, productivity, self-reassurance and happiness can all be influenced by a space we spend a lot of time in, and if this space isn’t one that we enjoy, how can we expect ourselves to flourish?

I’ve come to a stronger understanding of how relevant this topic is in recent years. For example, while in university, I ensured my bedroom, which is where I did the bulk of my work and assignments, offered a relaxing, positive atmosphere. It’s illogical to assume one’s productivity and overall state isn’t influenced by a space, hence why I am stressing the value in making a space into one that reflects who you are and what you stand for.

Perhaps reading this has encouraged you to do a little re-jigging in the space you call your own. Make it yours, folks.

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