Let’s talk about eggs

Eggs are pretty fantastic when you think about it. Not only are they delicious and simple to prepare, but they further contain a multitude of nutrients that benefit the human body.

And, they’re a whole lot more, according to ThinkEgg’s website. Eggs actually contain the highest quality protein you can buy, and egg yolks happen to be one of the numbered foods that contain a naturally good source of Vitamin D.

Pretty cool, right?

Furthermore, one large egg contains a mere 70 calories and five grams of fat while simultaneously offering a balanced mixture of essential amino acids that help build tissue in the body. Only mother’s milk has it beat.

Aside from nutrition, eggs offer some pretty unique characteristics that one may find interesting. For example, “to tell if an egg is raw or hard-cooked, spin it! If the egg spins easily, it is hard-cooked, but if it wobbles, it is raw,” says the website.

Other interesting egg facts include:

  • The colour of the egg yolk is dependent on the hen’s diet that produces the egg
  • Eggs age more in a single day at room temperatures than they would in one week in a refrigerator
  • For easy cleanup, sprinkle salt over an egg that may have fallen on the floor
  • On average, a hen lays 300-325 eggs per year
  • It takes a hen 24-26 hours to produce one egg
  • A hen’s eggs become larger the older she gets

As I sit here eating some eggs, this information has certainly encouraged me to appreciate these little wonder foods even more than I did before gaining some more knowledge about them. I’ve never been more grateful that my intolerance to eggs has fizzled out.

Eggs are delicious, incredibly versatile when it comes to preparing them, affordable and nutritious – what more could you possibly want from food?

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