Here’s what you need to know about hemp extract

Hemp is something I firmly believe is highly misunderstood in contemporary culture. Whether it be hemp itself, hemp extract, or hemp-based products, many of us, from my understanding, often associate hemp with cannabis, but in reality, there is a difference.

And, luckily, an article originally published on Made By Hemp’s website provides us with some clarification about hemp and what exactly it entails. Take a look.

“Industrial Hemp Extract Won’t Get You High – Industrial hemp does not contain THC like marijuana (maximum of 0.3 percent compared to marijuana of 10+ percent), but industrial hemp actually contains chemicals that work as an anti-psychoactive. THC is the chemical found in the strain of hemp known as marijuana that causes a high.

“Hemp Foods You See in the Grocery Store are Not the Same – The hemp-based foods and hemp seeds found in the grocery store are created using the seed from the hemp plant, while CBD extract is sourced from the flower of the plant. Food incorporating the hemp seed has a lot of beneficial fatty acids and other nutrients but should not be confused with CBD hemp extract.

“Industrial Hemp is Legal in all 50 States – If sourced responsibly, industrial hemp is completely legal in the united states. Our hemp is properly sourced from the Kentucky and Colorado, and tested here in our own lab as well as by third-party labs to ensure the highest and purest quality.”

So, in short, there is a distinct difference between hemp and cannabis, and articles like the one mentioned above are so important in providing some clarification on the topic.

Hemp is not the same as cannabis, despite what many of us may believe. It is a beneficial entity that many people benefit from, and education is crucial when it comes to erasing the ignorance-propelled stigma that is associated with it.

Image from Pixabay

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