Fitbit versus ANEKEN: which is better?

I’ve been an avid Fitbit user for quite some time now. I own the Alta HR slim band model and have been using it for a few years, and for the most part, it’s been a good investment.

At least it was until the band started to rip.

I went through four different bands for my Fitbit model in the first year of owning it. All of the replacement bands were covered because I was still in my warranty period, however, once my warranty expired, the bands continued to fault me. I reached out to customer service yet again and was told that because I was no longer under warranty, I would have to purchase a new one.

Considering how many bands I went through in a single year, I thought perhaps the next band would be covered. Alas, it was not, and because I was so unimpressed with Fitbit’s quality and further their customer service, I decided to explore some other options in the realm of fitness trackers.

I purchased an ANEKEN fitness tracker about a month ago from Amazon. The model I purchased cost me a whole $30 (Fitbit’s, on average, cost at least $100), and this puppy does everything a Fitbit does. It has its own app which can be downloaded to your smartphone, much like Fitbit does, and offers the same (and possibly more) features than a Fitbit does.

Overall, I absolutely recommend an ANEKEN over a Fitbit. Not only are they tremendously more affordable, but they function the same (including Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, sleep tracking, steps, heart rate, etc.). The appearance of an ANEKEN is slightly different than a Fitbit, but I think I may actually prefer the model a bit more.

If you’re considering purchasing a fitness tracker, check out ANEKEN’s website which I linked above. They’re pretty neat.

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