Here’s how to incorporate cannabis into your skincare routine

Skincare is something many of us practice. We’re encouraged to build a strong skincare routine in order to maintain and care for our skin for as long as possible, and if you’re like me, you commit yourself to your own unique routine.

We’re aware of the fact that skincare is important, and further that a good skincare routine involves several different products that are best suited for our skin. Something we may not be aware of, though, is how to incorporate cannabis into our skincare routine.

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “Really? Is this necessary?” A valid question without a doubt, but one that can be contested.

“As more evidence emerges about the plant’s beneficial effects on skin and hair, more and more cosmetics companies are infusing hemp into their products … Studies have shown that cannabis beauty products may be able to alleviate redness and inflammation of the skin, reduce the incidence of acne and blemishes, and calm itchy, irritated skin. Some anecdotal evidence even suggests that hemp seed oil derived from the hemp plant can help promote a more youthful glow,” an article originally published at Foli says.

Some examples of the healing properties cannabis offers when applied to the skin include its ability to minimize inflammation, reduce the occurrence of acne, ward off bacterial skin infections, and slow down the effects of aging.

The article I linked above lists a few skincare products that contain cannabis, such as a serum, a mask, a night cream, a blemish-fighting cream, and a lotion. If you’re curious about exploring skincare products that contain cannabis, be sure to reference Foli’s article as it contains direct links to the products mentioned.

I’ve never used a skincare product that contains cannabis, but it sounds like a rather beneficial practice to me. It may be just what you need to step up your skincare game.

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