This is why we need to stop comparing our needs to others

I believe the act of comparing ourselves to others is an integral component of being human. It’s in our nature to asses our own needs in a way that compares them to the needs of others, and sometimes, we believe our own needs to take precedence over someone else’s.

I saw a Facebook post from a page titled Anonymous that really encouraged me to consider the dangers of comparison.

The whole V for Vendetta thing is a little weird, but we’ll just go with it for now.

This sign perfectly encapsulates what I’m addressing in terms of how we measure our own wants and needs against others. Upon first glance, most of us would like agree with what is written on the first sign. The second sign, however, demonstrates the faults that lie in attempting to justify our own needs over those of others.

It can be incredibly frustrating to digest the fact that some things in life simply are not fair. The concept of insulin costing someone who needs it $750 a month is a prime example of this frustration. And while it is easy to convince ourselves that our requirements are superior to what may be a requirement for someone else, it isn’t right. I would argue we’re all guilty of practicing this mindset, and while it’s tempting to fall into this ignorant perspective, it’s concerning as it perpetuates entitlement.

The next time you feel as though your needs take precedence over those of others, remind yourself of this sign. The message is simple, and it’s more relevant than ever considering the state of the world we’re currently living in. Comparison is a dangerous path to tread, and while it is tempting to ignore the right thing to do, we’re far better off in the long run to acknowledge it.

Image from Anonymous’ Facebook page.

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