It’s time to celebrate ageing

On September 1, my wonderful mother celebrated her 60th birthday.

If you’re reading this, mom, I apologize for letting the cat out of the bag.

In the days leading up to her birthday, my mom had a bit of a hard time trying to grapple the fact that she would be turning 60. She looks absolutely fantastic for her age, despite what she thinks, and she was complaining to me about how getting older sucks.

I can’t exactly relate to her complaints considering I’m in my 20s, but her comments really encouraged me to consider the fact that ageing is an accomplishment in a way, and birthdays, when we get older, shouldn’t be something we dread, but rather celebrate.

Using my mom as an example, it’s pretty incredible to think about the fact she has been around for 60 years. My mom has conquered breast cancer twice, along with some other health-related issues, and she’s still kickin’. She’s more than kickin’, actually. That’s a considerable accomplishment, in my opinion, and I think this mindset would truly benefit many of us as we get older in life.

It’s very easy to perceive ageing in a negative context simply because of social constructions that emphasize youth. We’ve been conditioned to understand ageing as something that is unfortunate, or negative, and in the process, we’ve become completely oblivious to the idea of ageing being symbolic of life’s journey. Yes, being young is arguably better than being old for a multitude of reasons, but getting older is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it something we should feel needs to be devalued.

Whether you’re turning 45 or 25, I encourage you to interpret your next birthday in an alternate manner. Try and see past the number and instead focus on life itself, along with everything it’s presented you with along the way.

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