Would you drink cannabis coffee?

For many of us, coffee is a quintessential component of everyday life. From the moment we wake up in the morning, coffee is on our minds, it’s delicious aroma tantalizing our senses and slowly waking us up to take on the day.

Maybe it’s just me that feels so passionately about coffee, but either way, it’s pretty damn awesome.

And for the rest of you coffee lovers out there, I have good news if you happen to be a cannabis lover as well. “We’ve got cannabis gummy bears, cannabis mints, and cannabis chocolate …but cannabis coffee? Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s gaining in popularity, for good reason,” an article originally published at Foli says.

Perhaps you’re trying to determine why exactly cannabis coffee is a thing. As it turns out, drinking coffee with cannabis in it offers a solid amount of benefits, the article explains.

Positive attitude: Mixing the psychoactive effects of cannabis with the energy-jolt of coffee makes for the perfect combination and the ideal way to start off your day.

Energy without the jitters: The caffeine in coffee gives drinkers a shot of energy, but it can so far as to give people the “shakes” or “jitters.” But when combined with CBD (cannabidiol) – the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the hemp plant – you can achieve that much-needed energy without the restlessness.

Beats sluggishness: Serotonin and dopamine are blocked with coffee, helping you to remain energetic without being hit by a wall of exhaustion by mid-afternoon.

Get motivated and ready to move: Whether you’ve got a busy day ahead of you or like to get a workout in before work starts, a little bit of adrenaline can help. Luckily, a cannabis energy drink can give you just enough of an adrenaline rush to prepare your body for some work.”

Pretty neat stuff.

If you’re curious about cannabis coffee, be sure to check out the article linked above. It offers a lot of information about this new form of java, and it even explains how to go about making it yourself to try.

Image from https://myfoli.com/article/how-to-make-your-own-cannabis-coffee/5d9727ba-d3e9-49d7-810b-442c315499bc



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