Here’s why you need to follow Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram

If I had to choose a social media platform I favour over others, it would be Instagram. I’m not sure if this preference stems from my love for photography, or the fact that I’ve always appreciated visuals, but either way, Instagram is pretty neat.

I was browsing through the Explore section on Instagram about a month ago when I stumbled across an account managed by Morgan Harper Nichols. If you’re not familiar with her, I highly recommend giving her account a solid creep.

This lovely lady creates art and absolutely beautiful language from stories sent to her from different people. She isn’t too far from achieving one million followers on the platform, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she secures this feat quickly as her presence continues to be discovered by others like myself.

The following are some of Morgan Harper Nichols’ artistic expressions. I selected these because they speak to me, or are relevant to something happening in my life. They’re truly beautiful.

“Gratitude: the quality of being able to see the light in the little things.”

“You are where you’re meant to be.”

“Make room in your heart for hope.”

“You are brave. Even in the most subtle ways. You may not always feel like the fire that you are, but you will shine on anyway.”

“Though you feel you have failed, you have not reached the end. There is still time to breathe deep and believe you are free to start again.”

“Her mountains did not break her. Instead, they only shaped her and gave her an all-new hope to see: she is stronger than she ever thought she’d be.”

These are just a select few examples of some of this remarkable woman’s work I appreciate, but there’s so much more. Please look her up on Instagram and prepare to be moved emotionally through raw and simplistic language.

Thank you, Morgan Harper Nichols.

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