Do you suffer from athlete’s joint pain? Cannabis could help

Athleticism, as wonderful and beneficial as it is, can also be a hindrance to those who have been involved in sports for an extended period of time. Sports can be rough, depending on the type, as can regular exercise or repetitive motions often associated with exercise, for example running or rowing.

So, for those of us who experience the aches and pains that come with being an athlete, it’s worth asking if there is a solution. And, depending on how you view it, there is a potential one, and it goes by the name cannabis.

“More and more athletes – including those on the professional front – are choosing CBD on a regular basis over conventional medications to successfully treat their chronic pain,” says an article originally published at Foli.

Perhaps you’re wondering why athletes are turning to cannabis as a means to help with their discomfort.

“In an effort to obtain pain relief, athletes typically turn to pharmaceutical medications in the form of NSAIDs (non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drugs) and opioids like oxycodone.

“Unfortunately, such medications are fraught with potential side effects, as well as the potential for dependence – something once used for treatment could turn into an unhealthy addiction … there are safer and more natural products that can be used that may offer similar pain-alleviating effects of traditional painkillers and prescription drugs to treat issues like arthritis in the joints, including medical marijuana products like CBD,” the article explains. 

Depending on the level of athleticism a person has reached, cannabis may be an effective treatment for whatever aches and pains they’re dealing with. Granted, there are stipulations regarding drugs and treatments that professional athletes must abide by, but I think the article linked above is worth reading.

“The effects of cannabis extend far beyond the recreational usage many think of when they hear the word ‘marijuana,'” the article concludes, and I think there’s some food for thought in that sentence. 

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