This is why Ghost Files should be on your reading list

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you’re likely aware of my fascination with the paranormal. I find the supernatural world positively enthralling, and while it simultaneously scares the shit out of me, I’m always educating myself further on the topic.

I went to Indigo’s with my sister about a month ago and picked up a text titled Ghost Files. Written by Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and Michael Jan Friedman, this book offers narrative from Hawes and Wilson, stars of the television show Ghost Hunters and founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society. I hadn’t heard of either of them before I picked up this book, but it has quickly become apparent while reading the text that these guys are sort of a big deal in the paranormal investigation realm.

In the book, Hawes and Wilson share some of their more unique cases over time. The book is divided up by chapters, with each chapter detailing a specific haunting the men investigated in different geographical locations.

Something I think worth mentioning about these guys is their approach when investigating a supposed haunting. They explain in the book that they go into each scenario with the mindset that what they’re dealing with is not, in fact, a haunting, but rather something that can be justified via scientific fact and explanation. They’re not trying to convince the world that the supernatural world is real; they themselves are aware of this through their own experiences, and they work to rule out every possible reason as to why unexplainable things may be occurring.

I’m absolutely loving this book so far, and if you find supernatural and paranormal entities to be interesting, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy it, too. It contains all sorts of information regarding the supernatural, and there’s some pretty freaky pictures, too.

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