Stop supporting fast fashion

Clothing is an inevitable component of our daily lives. We wear it daily without giving it much thought, but unless you’re part of a nudist colony, clothing is something we arguably should be paying a little more attention to in the concept of fast fashion.

Fast fashion essentially perpetuates consumeristic tendencies and waste. To keep it simple, it’s the process of purchasing clothing without being conscious of how our purchases may be impacting the environment. For example, if I were to purchase a pair of jeans with the intention of wearing them once and then throwing them away, I would be engaging in fast fashion.

There’s a little more to it, but that’s the overall idea.

I’ve mentioned my love for consignment stores here on my blog before, but I’m going to mention them again because their purpose entirely opposes the notion of fast fashion. Consignment and second hand clothing stores reduce the occurrence of fast fashion purchases because they encourage customers to re-purchase and re-purpose clothing that’s been worn by someone else, and they’re also a much more affordable shopping option. In shopping at these types of stores, we’re not only saving a couple of bucks, but we’re actually diminishing our carbon footprint because we’re recycling clothing.

Aside from shopping at consignment stores, another way to challenge fast fashion is to purchase items with the intent of making them last. Buying something that’s great quality may cost a little more upfront, but since the item will likely last us much longer than a cheaply made item of the same style, we’re minimizing our shopping impact.

These suggestions are my own, but I think they’re a great place to start if we’re hoping to combat fast fashion ideologies. They’re not immediate solutions, but they’re something, and a collective effort to shop smart could make waves in the clothing industry in time.

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