The King: a Netflix win

I’m a sucker for medieval movies. I’m not sure what it is about a knight in armour, valiantly fighting in battle, but whenever I come across a movie with this trope, you can bet I’m tuning in.

Hence why I’m offering my review of The King.

Netflix’s The King tells the story of young Hal, or Henry, who is reluctant to take the throne of England following the death of his father. It is apparent from early on in the film that Hal’s relationship with his father is essentially non-existant due to Hal’s anger towards his father for bringing so much trouble to their homeland in his role as King. Hal’s brother is set to take the throne, however after he is killed in battle, Hal is forced to assume the position and clean up his father’s mess.

Hal, prior to becoming King of England, carries himself as a rebellious youth who drinks a bit too much and enjoys the company of several different women. You can arguably imagine his and England’s reaction, therefore, when he is named King.

Directed by David Michôd and written by Joel Edgerton and Michôd, The King stars Timothée Chalamet as Hal, Edgerton as Falstaff, Hal’s close friend, Ben Mendelsohn as King Henry IV, Hal’s father, and Robert Pattinson as The Dauphin, or the prince of France. I’ve never seen Chalamet on-screen before, and I have to say his performance in this movie is fantastic. Pattinson is also a standout in his role as the Dauphin as he embodies the role so realistically you develop a deep repulse for him within his first few minutes on-screen.

This movie is emotional, action-packed, gritty and violent, and I think it adequately portrays what life was like in 15th century England. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope you do, too.

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