Making waves (literally) with prosthetics

Having a prosthetic is challenging enough, and exposure to water doesn’t make wearing one any easier. Simple things like hitting the beach or hanging out poolside are can be exceptionally difficult for persons who have prosthetic limbs, but researchers from Northwell Health are working to make tasks like these much simpler.

These researchers have created a prosthetic named ‘The FIN’ which enables a user to wear their prosthetic in and out of water without having to change back and forth between prosthetics, according to an article from The Good News Network.

The FIN is “3D-printed out of carbon fibre enhanced nylon” and “is lined with a series of conical holes that allow water to pass through the prosthetic, creating natural drag and propulsion with its movement,” the article explains.

Since its early stages of development, ten amputees have tried the FIN with great success, says the article. The findings and results of this pilot study were published in the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation journal if you’re curious to learn more.

The FIN has been approved for use by the FDA, and individuals interested in making use of their own custom-made prosthetic can contact Northwell Health via the FIN website.

And, for persons interested in acquiring a FIN, you’ll be pleased to learn that the prosthetic will not destroy your bank account. Northwell Health says “their team does not charge patients directly and they are committed to making the life-changing prosthetic available to anyone by working with each individual and their health care providers to make it affordable.”

I have no idea what it is like to live with a prosthetic, but for anyone who uses one, I imagine news of this innovative product is well-received. Check out the original article as well as the FIN website, both linked above, to learn more.

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