Move over, plastic plates; wheat bowls are here

Single-use plastics are becoming a thing of the past thanks to a push for environmental sustainability, and more, reusable products to cut down on waste. We’ve arguably all seen some of these products, since there are more and more becoming available, but I doubt you’ve encountered grain-based bowls as a means to cut down on plastic use.

Even better, I doubt you’ve heard of an eco-friendly bowl you can eat. I certainly hadn’t, at least not until I read an article about it via The Good News Network.

Developed by Georgina de Kock, a South African-based entrepeneur, artist and innovator, these edible bowls, named Munch Bowls, “are vegan, biodegradable, wheat-based bowls that can hold hot soup for up to five hours and maintain a shelf life of 15 months. Not only that, its shallow design allows it to function as a plate as well,” the article explains.

The article states how de Kock says her inspiration for her bowls came from working in different food markets in Cape Town and seeing the amount of plastic waste that is discarded in the food industry. And, “according to CNN, her business has since worked with hotel chains and corporate events across South Africa, Belgium, Singapore, and Dubai,” says the article.

de Kock’s bowls are quickly gaining popularity, and the company is making use of a machine that can produce 500 bowls every hour. Munch Bowls is currently “partnering with other international collaborators to start making spoons, coffee cups, and other food containers out of their wheat-based recipe,” the article states.

While these bowls may not be the best option for anyone who is gluten-free or intolerant, I think this development is absolutely fantastic. Innovations like these are what the world needs right now with the looming climate change crises, and you get a few extra bites while being conscious of your carbon footprint, which is definitely an added bonus.

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