These companies are winning at reducing their plastic use

It’s 2020, therefore we should all be trying our best to reduce our use of plastics in an attempt to benefit our world in the midst of a climate crisis. We’re constantly reminded of how essential it is to reduce our carbon footprint, and for the most part, we’re doing our best to be better. But what about large corporate companies? Are they assuming responsibility in the context of cutting waste and plastic use?

I can’t guarantee that all large-scale companies are doing their part to enhance the overall health of our planet, but I can tell you that some are, thanks to an article from The Good News network,

One company that has taken their approach to waste reduction quite seriously is IKEA with their recent commitment “to transition much of its plastic packaging to a mushroom-based renewable alternative that can grow in a controlled environment, and, like plastic, be easily formed into shapes,” the article says. If the material remains dry, it “can be used over and over (and) can also decompose fully in just 30 days. Producing the material uses only 12 percent of the energy required to make the same amount of plastic, and with 90 percent lower carbon emissions,” states the article.

IKEA has also stated it will stop using plastic bags beginning in 2020, and “the company’s 363 outlets worldwide will be eliminating everything from single-use plastic plates, drink stirrers, cups, tableware and straws to freezer bags, garbage bags, and packaging.”

Other companies that have made their commitment to reducing their use of plastics known include Mattel, Walmart, Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Hotels, Sainsbury’s, Kroger, and a few major-scale beer companies like Heineken, Corona, Carlsburg, and Guinness.

Seeing the initiative from large companies such as these is a definite step in the right direction when it comes to cutting down on plastics use. If these guys can do it, so can we.

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