Believe it or not, the world is progressing in terms of helping children

It’s hard to believe that we as a society have made any sort of advancement in terms of providing aid to innocent children, considering the rather bleak state of the world. But, I am pleased to report that in the past two decades, over 220 million children have been rescued from forced labour, marriage and violence, says an article from The Good News Network.

Save the Children has released its third Global Childhood Report, and its findings are incredibly optimistic.

“‘In the year 2000,’ reads the report, ‘an estimated 970 million children were robbed of their childhoods due to … ill-health, malnutrition, exclusion from education, child labor, child marriage, and early pregnancy,'” the article explains.

A mere two decades later, the organization says this amount has diminished by a third. In fact, “115 million more children are being sent to school, 11 million young girls have been saved from marriage, 3 million girls are saved from bearing children in their young age, there has been a decrease of 94 million child laborers, and 4.5 million children have been saved from violent deaths around the world,” says the article.

Ethiopia, Mexico, Colombia, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Bangladesh are included in the nations involved in these advancements.

As for what the reasoning is behind these fantastic progressions?

“One of the primary drivers for reductions in things like child marriage, child labor, teen pregnancy, and school absence has been a global drive for equality between the sexes worldwide—not just in western nations,” according to the article.

Other advancements in things such as drugs, vaccines, medical tools, social media and smartphones are also to thank for these improvements as they “have changed the face of the world in ways that especially benefit the developing world. Nearly all (96%) of the humans on earth have access to the internet, up from nearly half (58%) in 2001,” the article explains.

These findings are certainly appreciated with the beginning of a new year, and I look forward to what else will be accomplished in years to come.

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