The do’s and don’ts of blogging

Blogging is something that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years as a result of the rise of technology. With so much information readily available at our fingertips thanks to mobile phones, computers and constant accessibility to internet, more and more people are turning to online platforms for their daily reading, and for many, blogs are among their go-to sources.

With this surge in blog interest, I thought I might offer my own personal version of the do’s and don’ts of blogging. This will arguably be a little different for each and every blogger, considering all blogs are very different, but perhaps my advice will help anyone contemplating starting a blog of their own, or even someone who is just beginning to delve into the world of blogging.

First, it is crucial to keep in mind that while your blog is your own, it’s not only you that is reading it. Therefore, it’s best to write in a subjective manner without being too biased or forceful of specific opinions to ensure your content is relevant to a wide variety of people.

Something else to consider is what exactly you’re hoping to achieve with your blog. Is your blog topic a niche one? Do you want your blog to appeal to a large or small audience? How often do you want to post? Having a concrete understanding of where you want your blog to go will assist you in constructing it in a manner that allows it to go in whatever direction you desire it to.

Another beneficial thing to remember is giving your audience the ability to interact with your blog. Make sure you’re checking for comments and likes to communicate to your readers that you’re a present blogger, not a distant one. Unanswered inquiries and questions is a major turn off.

So, where do you plan to take your blog?

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