Here are some of the hottest 2020 gadgets

I recently stumbled across a Buzzfeed article sharing some of the niftiest gadgets and gizmos to hit the market this year. I thought it might be sort of fun to share some of these gadgets with you, because let’s face it, who doesn’t appreciate browsing through inventive objects most of us likely will never use?

Sarcasm aside, all of these items are available via

  1. A rechargeable lighter, which may sound like a useless concept, but it saves you from having to refill the lighter in the long run
  2. A mug warmer which apparently takes the place of a microwave’s purpose when it comes to reheating drinks
  3. A Nintendo Switch, which I’ll be honest and say I have no idea what the hell this thing is
  4. An external battery charger top save your ass when you’re out and about and you realize your phone is on its last legs
  5. An Amazon Firestick (again, no clue)
  6. A John Frieda hot brush to get that blowout look everyday
  7. A 3D printer
  8. A PhoneSoap UV sanitizer to keep your cellular device squeaky clean
  9. A heated massage pillow for those of us that could use a wee bit of TLC
  10. A gaming keyboard for the intense gamer in our lives
  11. The very hyped-up Instant Pot
  12. This pretty neat Samsung TV that conceals itself as a painting when not in use
  13. Some very practical LED lightsaber chopsticks
  14. This multi-purpose sound machine and nightlight 
  15. A cordless Dyson vacuum which I can personally vouch for as being fantastic
  16. An incredibly versatile 64-piece iFixit Kit that would arguably benefit any household

Whether or not you find every item on this list to be practical, it made the cut for a reason. I have to admit that some of these items do look and sound pretty interesting, and perhaps if I had an abundance of cash, I would consider trying them out.

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