Going to Cleveland? Be sure to visit Campbell’s Sweets Factory

I know, I know. Enough about Cleveland already, right?

Bear with me, folks. You’re going to want to hear me out.

While my parents and I were in Cleveland, we were told by a few of the locals to visit West Side Market. It was certainly worth going to as it is the largest market I have ever been to, and if I had to guess, I would say there were at least 50 vendors selling a variety of different products. From olives and olive oil to meats, fish and breads, this market carries something for everyone, including desserts, which is what brings me to the focal point of this blog post.

One of the vendors in the West Side Market was Campbell’s Sweets Factory. The display of goodies and delectable treats is what garnered my attention, and we ended up purchasing about a dozen items from this booth to enjoy back at our hotel. We grabbed some chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, one or two other flavours, and I also picked out a vanilla M&M buttercream cupcake.

Believe me when I say that every single item we purchased was delicious, but good God, the chocolate chip cookies absolutely blew my mind. Campbell’s chocolate chip cookies are by far the best I’ve ever had, and I wish we had picked up a few more because of how damn delicious they are.

Unfortunately, Campbell’s Sweets Factory’s goodies are not available in Canada, and I think they may only be located in Ohio, based on what I could gather from their website. If you’re located in Ohio, or not too far from it, I can promise you that visiting this place is worth the time. Their popcorn is supposedly what they’re known for, and judging by how scrumptious their cookies are, I can only imagine how good their signature item tastes.


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