The importance of maintaining communication with your partner

Communication is an inevitable component of daily life. Whether we’re at Tim Hortons ordering a coffee, paying for some groceries at No Frills, or seeing our doctor for our routine checkup, it’s nearly impossible to avoid communication when we’re out and about in a public setting.

For a lot of us, communication is second nature. When we’re interacting with people we don’t know, our mannerisms and body language often become more prominent in our minds as we may be attempting to give a good impression. When we’re conversing with people we are quite familiar with, though, we tend to shy away from giving our communicative methods a whole lot of though because we have grown to be comfortable in their presence.

As easy as it can be to put communication on the back-burner when dealing with people we know well, it isn’t necessarily the best thing to do. In fact, in the context of relationships, getting lazy when it comes to communicating could be incredibly detrimental and lead to consequences, especially if the relationship is of a romantic nature.

I really cannot stress the significance of strong communication with a partner enough. Being open and honest and upfront are far more beneficial communicative methods than withholding information or emotions from someone we love, and over time, a lack of communication could end up driving a bigger wedge between you and your partner than being honest from the beginning would, no matter how uncomfortable and awkward it may be.

If you’re upset with your partner for something they did, tell them. If you’re feeling neglected, be honest. If you suspect your partner is hiding something from you, confront them. No matter how displeasing the thought of these interactions may be, it is arguable that tackling potential problems in their early stages is more effective than letting them build up and worsen over time.

Communication is key in healthy relationships. Don’t underestimate it.

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2 thoughts on “The importance of maintaining communication with your partner

  1. I agree with you, Lauren.

    Communication is key in a relationship. But the sad truth is that most people talk at each other, not with each other.


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