Do you sweat excessively? Try Carpe

A surplus of sweat is something most of us fail to desire. Whether it be sweaty hands, feet, armpits or your face, producing copious amount of sweat, regardless if you’re engaging in physical activity, is not a fun experience.

Unfortunately, despite its lack of appeal, excess sweat is something many of us are familiar with.

Personally, I’m someone who sweats easily. When I’m exercising, or when I was playing sports, I was usually the person drenched head to toe in sweat while my teammates had barely broken one. So long as I’m exercising, sweat doesn’t bother me. Something that has always bothered me, though, is how much my armpits sweat, even when I am completely sedentary.

My armpit sweat has actually forced me to mainly wear dark colours, and I’ve also neglected certain clothing articles because of my anxiety and insecurity pertaining to my sweaty pits. It sucks, it’s embarrassing, and it’s something I fear I will be dealing with for the rest of my life.

At least, I thought my sweaty armpits would be a permanent lifetime condition until I stumbled across a product called Carpe.

Carpe is an antiperspirant lotion, with different formulations available for different regions of the body, for example, underarms, feet and hands. Carpe’s website states that this product is #1 in terms of antiperspirants and further offers a 100 per cent refund if the product is not effective for you.

I purchased the underarm antiperspirant after reading endless positive reviews for this product. I’ve been using the product every morning and evening for about a week now, and after applying the product twice daily for a month, I then reduce applications to evenings only, according to its instructions.

I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my armpit sweat already, and without jinxing anything, I can’t believe how effective this product has been thus far. The Carpe website offers free shipping, and while the pricing is very affordable, you save more if you buy more, sort of thing. I purchased two of the underarm antiperspirants, and I imagine I’ll continue to do so long as it remains to be effective.

Carpe makes antiperspirants for many different regions of the body, including the groin, breast and thigh areas, and if you’re someone who has had their self-confidence diminished as a result of excessive sweat, I highly recommend giving Carpe a try.


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