These beauty hacks will change your life

I would argue that most of us have our own beauty hacks to some extent. Whether it be in the context of our bathing routine, hair or makeup, many of us have picked up a few tricks and tips over time in hopes of bettering our beauty tendencies.

I did a little bit of research to see if I could come across some hacks in the beauty realm that I haven’t had before, and I was not disappointed. These hacks are brought to you by Cosmopolitan.

  • When you’re using bobby pins, try putting the textured edge against your scalp for better security
  • Wanting to achieve a preppier ponytail? Try sticking bobby pins vertically in your hair over top of your elastic for height
  • To add texture to a braid, try gently teasing your hair with a toothbrush while it’s in a braid, going in the opposite direction of the hair strands
  • To give the illusion of thicker hair, use eyeshadow that matches your hair colour and apply it to your scalp where your hair parts
  • Tired of waiting for your nails to dry after painting them? Dunk then in a bowl of ice water to speed things up
  • When applying concealer under eyes, apply the product in an upside down triangle shape
  • Use shaving cream to get foundation stains out of your clothes
  • Is your mascara dried out? Don’t pitch it – just add a few drops of saline solution to it
  • When using an eyelash curler, use a hairdryer to warm it up before using it to get better curl and lift
  • If you’re using a pencil eyeliner and you’re not enjoying the formulation, heat it up with a match or a flame to turn it into a gel consistency for a smoother application

Have you tried any of these hacks? If so, which ones work for you?

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