Looking for some casual sneakers? Check out Vessi

I came to the realization not too long ago that I don’t own a pair of running shoes. I know I did at some point, but I’m not exactly sure where they went, so I figured owning one pair of sneakers probably isn’t a bad idea and decided to do some research to determine which ones to go with.

I had been seeing ads for a shoe company called Vessi Footwear via my Instagram, and because I liked what I saw, I decided to visit their website. Founded by three people, this is their account of how their company began.

“Simply put, we’re three Vancouver natives who had it with the rainy weather. In 2017, we set out to create a totally waterproof sneaker that not only kept our socks dry, but kept our feet sweat-free, comfortable, looked stylish and was good to the earth. Through innovation, a little ingenuity and thousands of kms clocked, Vessi was born (and puddles have never been the same),” the website says.

After discovering these shoes are not only stylish, but further are a Canadian product AND are waterproof, I knew I had to give them a try.

I ordered a pair of Vessi’s Cityscape shoes in Storm Black. This particular style of shoe offers the following:

“Also known as Dyma-tex, our patented, 100% waterproof, breathable knit will keep your feet cozy all year long – cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

“Antibacterial insoles keep things fresh, while cloud-support keeps things comfy.

“Meet the lightest sole of the bunch. Our signature wave grip will keep you steady whatever the weather,” the website explains.

I friggen love these shoes, and I think they would appeal to a variety of folks. They have a few different styles for men and women, and right now they are offering an option to purchase and donate masks for medical workers on the frontlines in the COVID-19 battle.

Do you need more incentive to look this company up? Go for it!

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