The simplicity of summer nights

There is something unexplainable about the atmosphere of a summer evening spent simply. The evenings are warmer and last longer; the overall mood of an environment seems to be enhanced; memories are made and appreciated.

While it may not officially be summer yet, the weather is looking and feeling a hell of a lot more optimistic than it did even a week ago, and personally, I’m highly anticipating the oncoming summer evenings.

On the weekend, Blaine and I decided to celebrate our birthdays since they are so close together. Normally, we go for a nice dinner, but since restaurants aren’t currently operating thanks to COVID-19, we had to make some adjustments to our usual birthday celebrations. Instead, he came over and we spent our evening fishing down at our irrigation pond, followed by having a bonfire with some drinks and some smores.

I can say with complete honesty that while this year’s birthday plans were a little more low-key, these celebrations will be the ones we remember down the road.

While our evening was simple and didn’t consist of a whole lot of fuss, it was wonderful. Listening to the birds and the bullfrogs around us while we fished, followed by sitting around a crackling bonfire under the stars was truly fantastic, and I’m pretty sure had we engaged in our typical birthday celebrations, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the evening nearly as much.

These nights are what summer is all about, for me personally. Simple get-togethers with great people and laughter are the embodiment of a summer evening, and I would imagine a lot of people feel the same way I do.

Let’s make this summer the best one yet. COVID-19 has undoubtedly put a damper on 2020 so far, but let’s collectively agree to refuse to allow it to hinder the awesomeness of summer evenings.

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