Stop making someone else’s weight your business

I’m willing to bet that a lot of us are seeing or hearing about Adele’s weight loss as of late. After posting an image to her Instagram account to celebrate her 30th birthday, there was a social media frenzy regarding the singers appearance in the photo. Her photo prompted an outpouring of comments, posts and even news articles, all of which emphasized her supposed drastic weight loss.

After deciding to look at some of the commentary about this woman’s weight loss, I was struck by how absolutely audacious we have become as human beings to be so entitled to assume someone else’s body is somehow our business.

A majority of the commentary has split into two sides, if you will. One side believes Adele’s weight loss is too drastic and accuses her of having an eating disorder. The other shames her weight loss because she is no longer an icon for plus size women.

It seems as though no matter what Adele does, she’s going to be scrutinized.

This post was to acknowledge this womans birthday. It has become a social topic that advertises and encourages slander for Adele to endure. Her body and her appearance are ultimately just that – hers. Not anyone else’s.

Why is it socially acceptable to think we have the right to criticize someone else’s body? No one except her knows the reason for her choice, and personally, I think it should remain private to her.

Adele is a modern example of an issue that has plagued women’s rights and freedom throughout history. The social condoning of the belief that it is ‘okay’ to publicly criticize the female body is still prevalent and occurring today and everyday and will continue to prevail without attention and conversation. Without challenging this criticism, gender inequality will continue to be perpetuated throughout history.

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