Horror movies: A predictable genre

Horror movies are one of my favourite genres to watch, as I’ve mentioned many times before here on my blog. I’m not sure what the says about me as a person, but hey, to each their own.

As much as I enjoy horror movies, I find it a little irritating that so many of them incorporate stereotypical tropes, or themes, into the plot. It’s frustrating when you can predict what will happen to each character in a scary movie twenty minutes in, and I’ve seen way too many films that fail to challenge the stereotypical scary movie elements. I thought it might be sort of neat to discuss some of these tropes to see if anyone is in agreement with me and my take on them.

One horror movie trope that is so overdone is a very predictable plot twist ending. So many scary movies lead you to believe they have a happy conclusion, yet in the final two minutes of the film it’s revealed that whatever terrifying thing the movie revolves around isn’t actually gone, dead, destroyed or abolished. Oh, the demon wasn’t actually sent back to hell but in fact is still somehow attached to the protagonist? Shocking.

Another overdone scary movie trope is an incredibly dramatic chase scene involving a character seriously fumbling with or dropping their keys altogether only to be a victim of whatever they’re running from.

Another would be two separate families coming together only to discover that a child is being controlled or influenced by an evil entity. This one is getting old.

These are a few examples of very obvious and predictable tropes that tend to appear in scary movies. There are a lot more that I’m sure any horror fan could think of, and honestly, a bit of a refresher in this genre would be more than welcome.

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